The thoughts of Jade

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I got lost 

Somewhere along the path, I got lost 

I forgot who I was

I forgot how to be me

I didn’t realize how much I fed off other people

It doesn’t even need to be anything deep or elaborate 

People to smile at and say hi to

People happy to see you and smile and say hi back

Maybe this is something a loved introvert can never understand

An extrovert needs people to survive

It is like taking a sunflower or tomato and keeping it in the house 

Shut away in the dark is a death sentence 

It might not die,

But it will never be what it was meant to be

It will never give you the joy that you want it to

It will never beat the fruit it was designed to


Unless it is given tons of extra care and attention

Unless you carefully monitor the moisture it receives 

Unless it is given room and support to grow

Unless you are attentive and make sure it is showered in the right kind of light 

Then it has a chance 


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My children

My children continue to grow up and change
As the do, they way I feel is strange.
I am proud of the people they become,
As they remember where they come from

I am frighten of the world around them
My child among swine, a pearl, a gem.
I fear they will be tarnished and scratched and hurt,
I fear their sweet spirits crushed in the dirt.

Children of God, my not-so-little ones are
So for them is set a high bar
They will ascend and impress all around
They will grow wings and fly high above the ground.

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It may be petty and small to feel a bit betrayed by one who is supposed to be my “best friend” or maybe because I am not a man that title doesn’t count.


Last week I was trying to run through the sprinklers with my dog like I had so many times before, but this time he freaked out and pushed me into the street. My palms, wrist, forearm, elbow, knee and shins… pretty my whole left side ended up scraped up and bruised. But perhaps what was hurt the most was my pride and my relationship with my dog. This guy I was kind of trusting would help protect me, left me lying in the gutter bloody. It has been a week now and my body still bears the marks of this event; and while I am trying to let it go, my emotions have not quite healed either. Maybe I am just petty.